The Last Day Of Work!

To all the mentors and mentees, yesterday was the last day, yes you heard it right, the very last day of the program.

We have been amazed and humbled by the work done and efforts put in by each one of you. The journey was made rewarding by witnessing the growth in knowledge and confidence undergone by all.

The mentees – We are proud of your desire to learn and that you had the courage to see it through by working hard the past 12 weeks. We hope you will take back fond memories and continue to work on your projects. Perhaps we will see some of you as mentors in our upcoming editions.

The mentors – You enabled us to make this program a success. Your dedication has empowered minds to take on self challenges and grow into more productive individuals. We hope the bond formed will be lasting and you will continue to be a source of guidance for the mentees.

The final evaluation forms have just been sent out, fill them up! The passing mentors and mentees will receive their diplomas next month.

Continue to follow our activities on Facebook and Twitter and write to us if you have any questions!

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