Getting Down To Work : First Week in Review

The much awaited second edition of “Learn IT, Girl!” kicked off this week and everyone involved was pleasantly surprised and inspired by the amount of participation seen, a huge amount of mentors and mentees applied with 161 successfully matched pairs. The process was perhaps not so smooth for a few participants and every attempt was undertaken to fix all issues and ensure a memorable experience.

On to the first week, a week full of excitement and introductions, a time to get to know each other! For some these interactions transcended borders and time zones, perhaps setting off a butterfly effect for community building. This post focuses on what the mentees were up to as they are the whole purpose of this program, the entire endeavor is paid off if the applicant walk off with their sack of knowledge a little bit heavier from when they began.

The languages and projects we see are as diverse as the participants themselves, with languages varying from Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, C# , Swift and Php. The projects are ambitious and innovative. Some test the waters as beginners while others aim at head on tackling of complex implementations.

We have projects based on Data Encryption System, Artificial Intelligence and Search Engines and we have high hopes to see the results upon completion.

A particular project that caught our attention is MyVoc by Joanna that aims to create a user made dictionary of words that aims to improve your vocabulary and provide point system to keep you motivated.

It seems as if many of our mentees feel the need of the fun element in projects (and we couldn’t agree more!) so have decided to work on games ranging from theme of Chess, Pong, Maths (yes that can be fun too) , Tic Tac Toe and a project that brings a much loved memory game played when young to the electronic dimension.

It’s not all play in our mentee workshop with many utilities applications coming up like Mood Tracker, Electronic Bookshelf,  Appointment Maker and a Healthy Life Organizer all aiming to make our lives just a little more sorted and productive.

The air smells fresh, spirits run high as a journey (quest perhaps) for knowledge is undertaken by the enthusiastic mentees. There will be a lot to learn about programming and themselves in the weeks to come and it will all conclude in about three months time! Wishing everyone the very best, may you work to the best of your abilities and enhance them further!

The “Learn IT, Girl” team

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