Getting ready for the second edition!

The first edition of  “Learn IT, Girl” was amazing. We had over two hundred applications and we could finally accept 118 mentees from almost 20 countries. Mentees worked on amazing projects on 10 different technologies along with the amazing mentors they were paired up with. We had mentees from very different backgrounds, from absolute beginners in the coding world to great coders wanting to learn a new language, but they all shared the same excitement and spirit.

Even though not all mentees completed their projects during the program, they created a relationship with their mentor to help them develop their skills. We had mentees who continued working after the program on their apps with the help of their mentor.

We have created this infographic to sum up what happened during “Learn IT, Girl” first edition, the impressions the mentees had and some of the wonderful projects they worked on.


Stay tunned for the second edition of the program on a new web platform we are currently working on

Thanks for being part “Learn IT, Girl”

The “Learn IT, Girl!” team


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