It really started!

Do you know that feeling – your heart starts beating fast, your hands are sweating, something weird happens to your stomach and you are incredibly happy? Of course you do! This is what you feel when the first week of Learn IT, Girl! is over!

I am Alicja and I am lucky to be part of Learn IT, Girl! Organizers Team – the group of girls who are determined and strong enough to make this programme happen! Seriously, I think we have a Guiness record after sending all these emails. 😉

I will share a thougth or two from time to time with you. I invite you to be active, I will answer your comments with pleasure – this is Our Place to exchange our opinions.

I have to say that I am so proud that Learn IT, Girl! became real. I think that it’s really important to give girls a chance to try programming. I hope that you all know that you can reach the stars if you want to! But programmer’s life isn’t always roses and butterflies – sometimes it can be journey into The Dark Land of Bugs and Resignation. But don’t worry! Auntie Alicja was there already, so here is a couple of good advice for you:

  • No matter what, believe in yourself. If you try to fix something in your project and you fail constantly for 3 hours, it doesn’t mean that you are stupid and programming is not for you. It means that you probably need some sleep. Go to bed and I guarantee that you will fix your problem when you wake up. Still nothing? Write an email to your precious Mentor and have some chocolate. 🙂
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Stupid questions don’t exist! Be curious, find your answers.
  • Appreciate your progress. You have some serious reasons to be proud of yourself. Every step you take helps you to reach your aim.
  • Don’t forget about your goal. Do your work systematically and you will see your progress – this is the best motivation!
  • Don’t listen to jealous people who don’t support you. You are awesome and brave and we all are proud of you!

I am so proud of you all and I keep my fingers crossed for your projects – Scholars and Mentors! Stay motivated! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “It really started!

  1. What a nice post Alicja! Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! I’ve had a slow start but my mentor Maria has been incredibly helpful and I can’t wait to finally get my features defined! Thanks again and good luck to all the girls! 🙂


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